Hockey Body Protection

Working from the top down, any outfield players brave enough to charge down short corners should consider wearing a face mask as a vital piece of equipment. All of our face masks comply with the latest impact testing requirements. Prices range from £35 – £50 and are available in a number of colour options.

We also offer a range of basic mouthguards from £6 – £15 which are moulded in hot water to fit.

Shinpads are the other area of essential protection, coming with options of sticking to the sock or with round the calk straps. Better impact resistance and foam padding on the inside accounts for the higher price of some models. Prices range between £12 – £30.

We also recommend the use of shin-liners for customers sensitive to the foam inners coming into direct contact with the skin.

Below is just a small selection of the products we can supply. Please contact us if you can't find what you're looking for, or need more assistance.

Tk 2 Player Face Mask

TK 3 Player Face Mask

Grays Face Mask

TK 2.1 Mouth Guard

Grays Viper Mouth Guard

TK 1 Shin Guards With Strap

TK 2 Shin Guards Without Strap

TK 3 Shin Guards

Kookaburra Spirit Shin Guards

Kookaburra Convert Shin Guards

Grays G800 Shin Guards

Grays G700 Pro Shin Guards

Grays G600 Shin Guards

TK Shinliners

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