Hockey Bags

All hockey bags are designed to be carried over the shoulder or back and can be categorised by the number of sticks they can accommodate. Although very few players will carry more than 2 or 3 sticks at most, the larger sized bags do provide more space for other kit, either with one large or two front pockets, ideal for shoes, shin-pads etc. The bigger bags have double straps to allow for carrying on the back, while rucksacks/backpacks offer a more compact means of doing the same.

Prices generally range between £10 for single stick bags to £75 for multi-purpose kit bags.

Below is just a small selection of the products we can supply. Please contact us if you can't find what you're looking for, or need more assistance.

Kookaburra Gravity Stick & Kit Bag

Kookaburra Oxygen Single Stick Bag

Grays G3000 Stick & Kit Bag

Grays Flash Stick & Kit Bag

Grays Rogue Single Stick Bag

Grays X1 Rucksack

TK 2 Stick & Kit Bag

TK 3 Stick & Kit Bag

TK 4 Single Stick Bag

TK 6 Backpack

Kookaburra Spirit Stick & Kit Bag

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