Cricket Spikes

The main decision on footwear choice will be between metal spikes or rubber pimple soles. Many of the brands offer the same shoe designs in both options, with spikes providing more grip on damp or greasy grass. Rubber sole shoes are however more suitable for a wider range of surfaces, including artificial wickets, nets and indoor halls. The spike shoe is generally offered in a number of options comprising of a ‘heavier’ type bowling shoe, a ‘lighter’ batting shoe or an all-rounder shoe.

Prices generally range between £30 – £140.

Below is just a small selection of the products we can supply. Please contact us if you can't find what you're looking for, or need more assistance.

Adidas 22 YDS

G&M Aion+

G&M Aion

Kookaburra KC 3.0

Gray Nicolls Velocity 4.0

Gray Nicolls Velocity 3.5 Spike

Gray Nicolls Velocity 3.5

New Balance CK4030

New Balance CK10

Payntr XPF 19 Spike

Payntr XPF-19

Payntr XPF-AR All-Rounder

Payntr V

Adidas Adipower Vector

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