Salix have relaunched a new range of bats and equipment for 2021, combining the classical and traditional with style and empathy.

There are now 4 bat types in the range, divided into 2 pairs by the profile created through the manufacturing and pressing processes.  The AMP and AJK are produced as large, all-encompassing blades with a mid to low driving area, while the Pod and SLX are designed to give maximum value from a mid, deep targeted driving area.  Within each pair there is the choice of the well established rounder edged face or the more modern flat face with deeper edges.

Whichever style you choose, all our Salix bats really do have a feel good factor the moment they are in your hand.  Enjoy the experience of batting with a Salix, as the company says: “Nothing else is made like a Salix, looks like a Salix, or plays like a Salix.”

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